Friday, November 5, 2010

The Winner Of The MomMe Designs Giveaway!

I apologize that the giveaway winner was not announced as I had planned at 8pm.  My daughter has been under the weather, and what I thought was a bit of drama, turned into strep throat! I am happy that I went ahead and took her to the doctor... but it caused me to be late getting the winner announced.

So I won't keep you waiting anymore! I can't believe who won this because she is a great friend of mine!  And she really deserves this hat!  Stacy, commenter #64 was picked my a random number generator with this comment:

"I became a fb fan of MomMe and said "I'd have another baby just to have someone to wear these adorable hats!!" So stinkin' cute I can't get over it!"

Congratulations Stacy!  I am so happy for you and thank you to everyone who entered.  Stacy, you should be receiving an email from Christal with MomMe Designs shortly!  I hope to do more things like this in the future. There is nothing I love more than to help out small business owners and give things away :)  They both make me happy!  

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