Saturday, November 27, 2010

A Large Family on the Beach! (Palmyra, Fluvanna Family Photographer)

I was so happy when I was contacted by this family to do an extended family photo shoot.  This family and I go way back!  I have known part of the family since I was about 11 and have great memories of riding their boat on the lake and trying to water ski! (I never did learn!)  They are a wonderful family... absolutely hilarious and fun.  
We met yesterday morning and we were all so relieved the the weather held off for us.  As we pulled into the parking lot it started to drizzle, but lucky for us it stopped after a couple minutes.  Thanks goodness it did as it is so hard to get a whole family together!  

I hope you enjoy your sneak peak!  

The whole family!

you know I'm a sucker for a great jumping shot!  And I knew these guys would be up for it!  

the ladies...

this sweet family and their adorable little girl!

 little babies in glasses! So cute!!!  I love it :)

the family who taught, well attempted, to teach me how to water ski! 

this great family

and their sweet children!

mom and with her two children! 

another great family whom I love very much!  Especially the little cutie in the middle who is one of my daughter's best friends!

love that little sneaky smile!

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