Monday, May 24, 2010

Summer Fun With My Three Littles :)

A personal blog doesn't hurt from time to time :)  I want all of my readers to get to know me a little better.  You all probably know me as the photographer, but what I really love is my little girls, also called my little ballerinas from time to time.  Being a mother is my life.  That and being a wife and photographer which come next. I strive to be the best that I can for them.  I want to give them everything. 

On a typical day, you may find me out and about with my ballerinas running errands or going to playgroups.  Other days you may find me at home in my sweats with my ballerinas running around tearing the house apart while I try to put it back together.  

And then there are these days when the sun shines through the clouds and we get out and get dirty. 

We play in sprinklers

And just let loose.....

we always have fun... sometimes just being silly!

We love our water table that Ms.Jen got the littlest ballerinas for their birthday

And what I love even more than that is when my youngest ballerina makes her "fishy face".  She does this all the time.  I love it...

And we are sure to tend to our garden with care.... 

My middle ballerina takes the job very seriously.  She takes great pride in our little garden....

Tomatoes, Cucumbers and Squash, our favorites!

And the best part of the day you see.... is 

when Daddy pulls up in Ole' Red from work.

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