Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Tiny Bubbles! Handmade Items- Palmyra, Charlottesville Virginia

So, looking for a gift?  I've got a great website to tell you about.  I had the honor of taking pictures of a friend of mine's items she sews and sells on Etsy.  My children got to model all her stuff and it was so much fun!  I know first hand how great her items are.  We have three of her hooded towels, and absolutely love them.  My children really look forward to putting them on when they get out of their bath and they hold up very well.  The towels are big, so your child will be able to get a lot of use out of them!  Here are some of her items I took pictures of:

How cute is this giraffe bathrobe!  My little girl loved it!

Here is the back of the robe.  It even has a tail in the back!

And here is my good friends daughter and she is modeling the froggie towel.  This is probably my favorite towel!  

The back of the frog towel:

And this is a dinosaur towel, I think, maybe it's a reptile???  Lol... I think its a dinosaur.  It's very cute though.

The back of the dinosaur towel:

And she even makes cute little baby shoes!  I love these...

more baby shoes:

And how cool is this!  A bag for your yoga mat! Love it :)

And she also makes diapers cakes.  They are great for baby showers!

Heather sells many other things too!  We have a horse towel, a bunny towel and a princess towel.  We love all three and my girls will keep them forever as a keepsake.  

Check out Heather's website at


email Heather at

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