Monday, December 27, 2010

Someone Special to Me

WARNING... this could get mushy. But here it goes.  The two people in this first picture are special to me. Especially the one on the left.  He is my brother.  My little brother to be exact.  And that he always has been, my little bro' who I love and protect like no other.  We are super close and the love I have for him is like no other.  It is different than the love I feel for my husband and children. It is different than the love I feel for my mother and father.  He is not perfect and I love him anyhow because he is my brother.  

This past summer my "J" was involved in a serious car accident.  I got the call no one wants to get in the middle of the night. It was bad, but he was alive.  Time stood still in it's tracks and for a moment nothing else existed.  All that mattered was that he was alive. I didn't care how he had gotten in a car accident or why, all I cared about was if my little brother was going to be okay.  And that he was.  He spent a week in the hospital and suffered a severely broken leg and several surgeries, but he is well and we just spent a great Christmas together.  
I was thrilled to do a photo shoot with him and his long-time girlfriend before Christmas.  They wanted some nice pictures to give to family.  So, we headed out to the Rotunda and I got some great shots. It was neat photographing my brother and bossing him around.  
So, I have talked a lot about him... but you see that pretty lady next to him? She is quite great as well and has stood by his side through thick and thin.  She is wonderful and I hope to call her my sister-in-law some day.  

I love you both.  Happy New Year.  New Year, New Memories :)

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Mom of K and D said...

Wow, Megan. The black and white of them is gorgeous. And love the colors and composition on the kissing one. Adorable.

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