Sunday, November 14, 2010

Fabulous, FUN Family! (Palmyra, Fluvanna Extended Family Photographer)

When I take pictures for a family, it is more than just a picture to me.  It is a memory.  A place and time that will be the past and someone else's memory to cherish.  What I love more than anything is when I  go to a session and I immediately feel the love and the connection.  To me, there is no better feeling, and I go home and I love on my family and think about how blessed I am.  

When I edited these pictures, this evening, I laughed, I smiled and most of all, I felt joy.  When you are around this family, you can immediately feel the connection and the happiness that surrounds them. We had such a great time this weekend and I believe we captured some great moments that I hope they can look back on and cherish.  Enjoy your sneak peak!

Don't you love how they all have the same dogs, except for the little guy there in the middle... he's special!  They are all buddies and it is hilarious to watch the dynamics between all the dogs.  They sure have a great time! 

 Mom and her girls

 and Dad and his girls

 and can you believe this??  5 Dogs all sitting at the same time!  I was impressed.  I think my dog needs to go to Doggie School!

And I really hope I do not get hurt for this one... but I really had to, because I have to "give mad props" to the guy on the right...AWESOME!

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