Saturday, October 2, 2010

Old Farm Day 2010!

For those of you who missed me at Old Farm Day today, here are some pictures from my vendor booth. I would have to call it a great success.  I think it turned out wonderful and I met so many great people that I hope will one day be clients.  
The weather was gorgeous and I really enjoyed seeing new and old faces and showing everyone my work.  This was a big step for me as I feel like I have grown so much over the past 6 months.  It is really hard to believe that it has only been 6 months that I have been in business!  
I hope to do more things like this. I think it is a great way to get my name out there and for people to see just what a great portraits they would get if they hired me.  I worked very hard for this, but I think it really paid off.
Please excuse the pictures are not my best. The tent was casting off all kinds of weird shadows and I just was trying to snap them really quick before everything got started.

Here is the whole set-up.  This space filled up very quickly.  I may need a bigger space next year!

Here I set out my ipad with a slideshow running, had an enter to win giveaway, my business cards, candy and a canvas of my girls :)

I had this large print right by the table and it really brought people over because they are such a good looking family!  

Winner of the giveaway will be announced tomorrow!

Love this picture of my girls on the beach this summer.  I offered up half off session fees for anyone who booked by the end of the weekend! 

The candy really brought the kids over!  Sorry mom's and dad's!

This was one of the tables that displayed some of my work.  The two large prints in the back are 16x24 gallery wrapped canvases.  Beautiful! Everyone should have a canvas in their home!

This was another large print I had displayed on an easel.  Same little girl that is in the canvas above peeking over the chair.  She was a little model on our photo shoot!

This was the other table displaying my work.  The silhouette is a gallery wrapped canvas as well. It is a 16x20 and it is of my girls at the beach!  Definitely one of my faves :)

Thank you to everyone who came out!  I love my community and love all my clients so much.  I have all of you to thank for how far I have come!

See you next year at Old Farm Day!

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