Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My Sweet Little Girls

I went to West Virginia last week to visit my parents.  The scenery is beautiful there and I knew I wanted to do a photo shoot or two with my girls.  My parents live in the mountains of West Virginia, in a place called Canaan Valley.  It is a beautiful place to live and I always love to go there.  It's the perfect place for relaxation and enjoying the outdoors.  So, we headed out with two perfect spots in mind.  One being a big open field with the mountains and a pond as our backdrop, the other being a small funky town.

It took two attempts, but I managed to get some beautiful portraits of my children.  I will say, it is so much harder to photograph your own children, as they know all your "tricks" and they don't think it's very funny.  Bribery is about the only way to get the job done... and it did indeed.

My youngest daughter had a pretty bad cold, but she was a trooper. (you can really tell in some pictures by looking at her big brown eyes!)  

So, making their debut on the blog, my three "A's" who are 7, 4 and 2 years old!

The first set of shots were taken in the town of Thomas, WV.  I love this little town. Very cool little shops and some great little restaurants. 

My girls are wearing sweater dresses all from Gymboree.  Their hats in this photo shoot were purchased from the etsy shop Little Miss Frilly.  


I love her shop. You must check her out!  These hats are so adorable and my kids love them, and I must say, they look pretty cute in them too!

The second photo shoot was taken in the mountains of Canaan Valley.  Canaan Valley is a beautiful area.  It attracts a lot of people, who like my own parents, are big ski enthusiasts. 

The clothing my children are wearing in this photo shoot are from the etsy shop, Sweat Tea.  


She is local here in Charlottesville and makes the most beautiful children's clothes!  She is great to work with and has so many great items in her store.  You must take a look :) 

My parents :)  Love them so much!  Hope I look as good as you mom when I'm your age!

we ended up with some fun in the leaves... 

and in case you were wondering where Audrey was for the majority of the photo shoot... this is what she was doing...  2 year olds are tough!

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Love the contest idea! I would choose the blue earflap hat for a boy.

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