Saturday, October 23, 2010

I have been so lucky lately with great weather!  Tonight was no exception.  I met up with the "K" family this evening and their beautiful twin girls!  This is my second time photographing twins, and they never fail me!  These two girls are 18 months old and are just adorable.  They were very busy, as most toddlers are, so getting a picture of the two of them together was tricky!  But, I managed to get a lot of great pictures... so many, in fact, that I couldn't slim down my "sneak peak".  So, this is going to be a heavy sneak peak because there are so many great pictures!  

Thank you "K" Family for making the drive.  I had a great time and I can bet you that your girls are sleeping well tonight! 

Enjoy your sneak peak!

and this is an attempt at a Christmas card portrait. As you can see, the sweet little blonde wasn't really in the mood ;)

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