Thursday, July 1, 2010

Family of 7! Triplets + Two!- Palmyra, Lake Monticello Family Photographer

Tonight was just a beautiful night and such a nice break from the heat.  I met up with a good friend of mine and her family of seven!  The first thing she said when I showed up to the shoot was, "Good Luck."  

It turned out I didn't really need any good luck after all.  This family was a pleasure and the children were very well behaved and we had a really nice time just capturing the children being children.  

Here is the beautiful family!

And the five children starting with big brother....

and the triplets!  One beautiful little girl all all her brothers!

the triplets:

The super-parents themselves....

Mom was wearing this shirt and I just loved it!  Perfect!

you can imagine they liked this part best!  

I had a great time "F" family! Thank you so much!


Landon's Love said...

okay...all of these pictures are amazing! and being the math teacher, i LOVE the t-shirt!

graz said...

These pictures are great! What a beautiful family!

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