Saturday, May 8, 2010

Big Things Are Coming!

So, today was such a busy day!  I met with a client, and delivered pictures to two other clients.  I then ran a couple quick errands just in time to pick up my oldest ballerina and take her to a birthday party.  A short couple hours later, we got ready to take our family pictures.  That's right, my family.  We got our pictures done this evening.  A sneak peak coming up about that later :) 

But for now, I have something exciting to announce!  I am going to be doing a "Most Beautiful Child" contest.  Now, of course, I think every child is beautiful, but we can have some fun right?!  So, get your photos organized because in a couple days I will be taking entries.  More details coming soon!  

In the meantime.... my littlest ballerina at the playground.  She melts my do all my ballerinas :)

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